mind/body-based strategies for creating and maintaining emotional, mental and spiritual vitality…

Establish YOUR Foundation

deep and long lasting progress

“Natalia is a remarkable practitioner.

Her ability to educate and offer simple tools and techniques

that address the core of my ailments is a gift.

Her knowledge of holistic health

and sensitivity to healing from the inside out, is extraordinary.

I would recommend working with Natalia if you are serious about making a commitment to

true, deep and long lasting progress.

Most importantly, Natalia is someone you can trust and who is authentic in every way.” -Kurt

eye opening


“Receiving the information from Natalia’s

years of practice and perfection of the program

was eye opening.

I have practiced yoga for years,

and the simple yet subtle tools Natalia has offered

have been truly life changing to the quality of my yoga practice. “ STEPHANIE B.

experience the benefits

“Natalia has truly found her niche…

her knowledge of yoga and breathwork is extensive

but it is her ability to share it in such a compassionate and healing way

that allowed me to be completely comfortable

to fully experience the benefits.” -Randi N.

confidence garnered





“The confidence garnered from this

is supremely empowering!” R.H.

safe and tender space

“I have known Natalia for several years

and have had deeply moving breathwork sessions with her.

She creates a very safe and tender space

for me to trust the process fully and reach new levels within.

She has a gentleness about her that comforts and soothes my soul.

She’s thorough with her explanations and directions

and moves at a pace that is respectful of her client’s needs.

I would surely recommend Natalia to anyone who desires a compassionate and caring practitioner.” -Robert U.

seldom taught aspect of yoga

“‘THIS’ is an invaluable tool for accessing

what is (unfortunately) a seldom-taught aspect of yoga

that was always intended to be at the core of yoga and meditation:

breath and energy flow, such as incorporated within Pranayama, Kria, and Kundalini yoga.

IDY practice creates a powerful Prana flow

through the body, heart, and spirit, thereby directly accessing and “making whole”

those centers where stress, anxiety, fear, and sickness often get “stuck”.

This practice is becoming a real “life-changer” for me, and I’m blessed to partake in it.” BOB L.

less stressed

“…good news…

I felt less stressed today

even though the pressure of work

has not changed.” BRIAN N.

healing from the inside out

“…a couple of other benefits I have noticed.

I have psoriasis.

After each session,

several of my red patches disappeared for days.

I also have colitis

and have noticed subtle improvements with those symptoms.

I love that I am healing from the inside-out.

Thank you so much!” C.R.

recovering my health

“… you are so well educated in the field,

like none other I have ever known.

Thank you for your patience,

and I will continue to seek your guidance and instruction

when this class series ends,

as I am at a critical point in recovering my health

and I think you can help me stay on the mend.” TOM L.

try yoga again

“I really thank you Natalia.

I trusted you enough

to try yoga again

and I’m gaining so much

from the specific program

you are providing us.”  NEAL S.

thank you


I didn’t want to end our session last night…

deep bliss, joy, appreciation…

Thank you for doing what you’re doing,

and sharing it, Natalia!” B.L.

highly recommend

“I thought this course was very thorough.

I really enjoyed it.

I felt Natalia’s passion for yoga

& care for her students.

I thought there was a nice balance

of theory/education with practice.

I highly recommend it.”  DAWN D.

deal with anything

“…I was supremely relaxed

and my focus and awareness were (and still are)

of an intensity unlike anything I have experienced before.

I was able to calmly and rationally

deal with anything and everything

I was faced with.” R.H.

life changing

“In combination with your IDY class,

the Breathwork session on Wednesday was,

quite literally,

nothing short of a life changing event for me personally!

Yes, I well and truly felt the power and reality of Prana

in the most raw and genuine sense! ROBERT H.

profoundly energizing

“…I started sensing

that an infinitely overbearing “weight”

was lifting from my very soul

and what I’m feeling at this moment

is still profoundly energizing!”

yearning to know more


“Engaging, educated, compassionate and passionate,

your classes are a joy to behold,

your visual and audio aids invaluable.

You leave every participant

yearning to know more,

with an unquenchable thirst to continue learning…”


“Honestly, I feel such gratitude

to receive what you have to offer…

When I practice the breathing/movement exercise

I find myself in communion

with the Beloved…

Thank you for bringing this opening to us.” Joseph G.

honoring my own being

“After all the years that I have been holding my breath

and following the instructions of a yoga teacher,

I will now be able to truly flow with my practice

through the breathing techniques I have learned

in this experience with Natalia Okelberry.

If some one has never done yoga, it is a  perfect beginning.

For me, it greatly enhanced my abilities.

Natalia’s sweet energy and knowing presence has given a everlasting gift

of realizing/actualizing more clearly the benefits of honoring my own being through breathing.” DOUG M.

whole-person well-being

“I’ve seen wonderful changes in the lives of my clients

as they’ve gone through Natalia’s Solid Ground program.

She successfully teaches them how to practice and master

the integration of breath, mindfulness and movement.

Best of all, because of her expertise and compassion,

they love working with her!

Her work is exactly the type of education we need to transform not only our personal lives,

but also to cure the fundamental brokenness of healthcare system through the practice of these most necessary

components of Whole-Person well-being.”- Zach Comer, Medical Massage Therapist, Postural Correction Exercise Specialist

clearing my head

“I’m really enjoying my new practice.

Not only is it clearing my head,

it is making some of my chronic aches and pains

less offensive.” CARIN R.

Introducing…“Body-fulness Practice”…mind/body-integrated yoga that replaces anxiety with clarity & confidence, stamina & vital energy, personal power & magnetism

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  • Learn how to effectively relax, and enjoy deep internal peace.
  • Approach life’s challenges with stability, ease, and grace.
  • Access your inherent strength, voice, and power.
  • Flourish, thrive, and grow into your fullest potential. 

Solid Ground

is a profound state of holistic wellness–

a sound foundation 

that powerfully supports EVERY aspect of

your life


Beyond “deep” breathing, there is “skillful” breathing–breathing that creates inner-alignment with the nervous system & ability to relax–that guides energetic flow & creates a placid surface of mind–that leads the life force out of disturbing aspects of the subconscious & invigorates the supreme intelligence of the heart.

I would like to share “The Skillful Breath-Breathing from the Inside-Out”, as my gift to you…FREE

“..everlasting gift of realizing/actualizing more clearly the benefits of honoring my own being through breathing.” Doug M. (6-week class-series participant)

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